Gov. Justice submits recommendations to the PEIA Task Force


CHARLESTON, WV – Gov. Jim Justice sent a list of recommendations today to the Coverage and Plan Subcommittee of the West Virginia PEIA Task Force, which was created to find a permanent fix for funding the health insurance plan for state employees and retirees.
The Governor’s letter included the following recommendations:

  • Move Plan A benefits back to 80/20 coinsurance in WV external bordering counties only
  • Move Plan B benefits back to 70/30 coinsurance in WV external bordering counties only
  • Remove facility fee limits from out of state facilities 
  • Remove $25 copay for out-of-state services 
  • Add an appeal process for people requiring a third-tier non-preferred drug to allow for reduced copays
  • I asked the coverage committee to review the wellness plans to further incentivize our members to seek better health outcomes
“I believe these recommendations address the issues that will benefit PEIA recipients the most,” Gov. Justice said. “These changes along with my proposal for $100 million to the PEIA stabilization fund over the next two years will go a long way to fixing PEIA.”
“I appreciate the many hours of hard work all the members of the PEIA Task Force have put into this project and I look forward to seeing the final report in the coming days.”​​​

View the letter here.

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